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When people think of archives at all, they think of mouldering files in forgotten basements or top-secret government reports that shady agents go rogue for in order to PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE. The truth is that real-world archives lie somewhere between those two extremes. There are definitely juicy, delightful secrets hidden in your local archives, but there are also a ton of super boring records and nasty paper cuts awaiting you. Before diving into archival research, you need to be prepared, is what we’re saying. By

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Bad illustration, a library!

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Not to care about archives is not to care about basing thought and action on evidence and knowledge, to be careless of precise memory of events, and to limit one’s ability to access a wider sphere of experience than one alone possesses. By Terry Eastwood, “How Goes it With Appraisal?”, Archivaria 36 (Autumn 1993), p.113. (via orphelinophelia)

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Here’s GoWF editing audio tape in the Southern Folklife Collection’s studio before the reel-to-reel jammed. Turns out GoWF has his own way of fixing finicky equipment.

I always love the GoWF posts on Friday, but I had to reblog one from my former place of work!

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Temporary/part time/on the side work opportunity


Tumblarians (and other people with related experience): Do you have reading knowledge of a second language and have some cataloging experience? Do you want to do some online freelance work? If so send me an ask and I’ll get you in touch with my supervisor at Ringgold, because we are looking for people to work on records that are bilingual or in another language entirely!

Languages needed:
Mandarin Chinese
Brazilian Portuguese